Total Rebuild Coming Soon!

Wow, has it really been 3 YEARS since I last worked on this site? 

Sooooo much has happened!

As a result, I'm going to completely rebuild this thing from the ground up - I'm going to re-do the formatting, and of course upload TONS of AWESOME new content!  I'm talking some really sweet music I've worked on over the past few years - a little bit of INTO THE STARS (the super cool indie PC game I wrote some music for), some snippets from SONDER (the incredible short film I did earlier this year), and MAYBE even some NEVER BEFORE HEARD JAZZ SONGS that I've been writing in my elusive spare time!

Oh, and maybe the music I wrote for that little project CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 3!  You might have heard of that one, it's a video game, there's some guns or something, I think it's kinda popular.

Anyways, all that and more is coming very soon, so CHECK BACK SOON!

Keep on rockin'


New Stuffz!

Hey everybody!

Just added a few different new stuff.

Added a new folder in the "Works" section for some work I'm doing for video games.  Having just attended my first Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco trying to stir up some video game scoring jobs, I figured I'd share these tracks with you guys!

I also added a new gallery in the "Photos" section that is pictures of me conducting.  I had a recording session a little while ago in which I conducted some pieces I wrote (which I hope to upload and post here soon), so I figured I'd share some pictures of me conducting.

Check back soon - I'm planning on adding some more pieces in the very near future, and hopefully I'll get some more snapshots of me conducting.

Take care everybody




Hey everybody, and thanks for comin' to!

For those that have been here before you'll notice some pretty major format changes.  That old black layout was just too dark and boring, so I went the opposite route and lightened everything up, so I hope you like it.

I have some plans for some other changes/improvements, so make sure you keep comin' back often - you never know when I might drop something else.




Welcome to!

Hello, and thanks for coming to my website.  Here you'll find all sorts of different things that I do.

You can check out my bio and learn something about me.

You can check out some assorted pictures of me.

You can check out my new blog that I'll hopefully be updating at least somewhat frequently - it's all about different kinds of music - from classical to country, film scores to funk, and everything in between.

You can check out some of the work I've done.

You can email me.

And right now that's about it, unfortunately, but I'll be working on that in the near future, so be sure to check here every now and then to see what new craziness is going on.