New Track


So it goes like this.

This is what I call the "Intro Sting" - I'm thinking it will play in between when the map finishes loading and the player begins playing.  So for instance, there's the lobby in between games, and the countdown until the next round start.  Then once the next round starts there is a loading screen for the map to load and such, then the player gets to pick their equipment loadout or whatever.  After they pick their equipment but before the game actually starts, this track plays - basically just to energize the player from the start.



Then there's some amount of time where there's no music - you don't want to have music the whole tim ebecause then it just loses it's effect and becomes background noise that people ignore.  So we have some time where the character is playing with just the sound design - gun fire, grenades, etc.


Then when it gets like 2/3 or 3/4 of the way through the game this track comes in - I call it the "Pre-Chaos" track.  It's basically a transition track that comes in kind of subtly and builds slowly to get music in again and start building energy and setting up the end of the game which will obviously be the most exciting.  This one can loop for a while or not depending on when we want it to start (i.e. 3 minutes before the end?  5 minutes before the end?  If either team reaches a certain score? etc.).



Then one minute before the game ends, I assume there will be a voice-over that says something along the lines of, "Hold the line - we're about to win" or "Figure it out - we're losing this" and then things get crazy.  I call this track the "Chaos" track and it's meant to really kick the player into high gear.  It's about getting the players to run face first into oncoming fire and die a LOT and just respawn as quickly as possible to go die some more.  I also intend to write a bigger final fanfare - something that will finish the game with high energy and I'll probably write two - one for the winners and one for the losers, so don't be shocked by the abrupt ending on this - there's going to be more.  I also thought I might write another version of this chaos track so there can be different versions for the team that's winning as opposed to the team that's losing.  But this will give you an idea of where I am - although I will also say I think this track needs the most work right now.



Like I said before - these are just first drafts, mostly just to give you guys an idea of what I'm thinking and give you guys a chance to let me know if you think anything isn't working or needs some tweaking or fixing or whatever.  So let me know if you think it needs changes, and I'll implement them when I get my computer and rig set up again next week.






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