Thanks for checking out my music and considering me to be your composer.

Here are a few samples of music I've written that I think might match the concept for your game.  They have titles, but I've also included a brief description of a basic scenario that I think each track would be appropriate for based on some stereotypical situations that I've experienced in the various action/RPG games I've played.

I've also included some information about me and what I can offer you, your team, and your game at the bottom.

Thanks for your time, and I hope we can work together to make Zira as great as it can be.



NOTE - I highly recommend you listen to these on something other than built-in laptop speakers - even standard earbud headphones would be better, but hopefully you've got some nice speakers and optimally a subwoofer, since there's some low-end stuff on all of these that won't be audible on laptop speakers.

Also - these tracks are written to be loop-able, and each piece has at least two iterations of the loop so you can hear what it sounds like when the loop restarts - hopefully you won't be able to hear the loop restart too obviously.  And since they are written to loop they end very abruptly at the end of a loop.






This is a piece I did recently that's just strings.  I thought I would put it on here just to give you an idea of what I can do without electronics in case you want something more acoustic at any point in the game.  This piece reminds me of maybe a chase or something that gets more intense over time and leads to a final, abrupt ending.


 I'm putting this track in here just to give you a little bit of an idea of a slightly different style that I can do.  This track was heavily inspired by the Mass Effect series, so it might be a little too sci-fi-ish for Zira, but I think you guys should know that I'm capable of lots of different things. I always think this piece sounds heroic but in a tragic way - like the hero going off to certain death to save his comrades. 



You are also welcome to listen to some other music I've written over the years by checking out my main website (click HERE or on my name in the header at the top of this page) and heading to the "Works" section, but I don't think you will find many of those pieces (if any) to be in line with Zira.  If you want to get back to this page you will have to either re-type the URL ( or click the link in our email again as I set this page up to be specifically for you, so there isn't a link on my general website.



Some info about me:

I've been a performing musician for over half my life - most of my experience is in drums and percussion, then piano, voice, guitar, and a little bit of other random assorted instruments.  I've performed in every level of different music group - from playing by myself to garage rock bands to full symphony orchestras.

I've been composing for about eight years now.  Roughly six of those years have been spent writing music for media (mostly film).

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition and am finishing up a Masters Degree in Music Composition for Media (Film/Games/TV).  I'm not telling you this to try and flaunt pieces of paper, but to let you know that I'm an educated composer that has studied music seriously for several years - I'm not just some guy that has GarageBand and thinks he can write some cool songs.

I consider myself a professional, I am very demanding of myself to always do my best, and only believe in producing top-quality professional-grade material.

I have experience writing all different kinds of music - classical, jazz, ethnic, electronic, modern orchestral, pop/rock songs - I've studied and written all of it.

I have the equipment and experience to produce, mix, and release music and sound in 5.1 surround sound if necessary or desired.

I know Wwise and am learning FMod.  I also have Unity on my PC and have tried to do some tinkering around here and there in my free time.  I learned the Unreal UDK engine/system extensively, should you ever decide to use that engine (not sure why you would, Unity seems better in pretty much every way), but I have enough experience playing around in different development kits that I feel confident I could learn whatever I need to in Unity.

I have a little bit of extremely basic programming knowledge - probably not enough to offer any assistance to a professional-level programmer, but enough to not be completely clueless, and enough to feel confident that I could learn more if necessary.

I have lots of experience working on projects (mostly films) that required me to take criticism and direction and make changes to my music.  Some people don't handle that well, but I love that collaborative aspect of working in film and games.  I strive to keep an open mind to any changes that are asked of me, and have often found that those changes improve the overall product.  I am inherently a people-pleaser, so I don't mind being told to change things repeatedly or even to start over from scratch if necessary.

And I NEVER give up.  Period.  And I will work as hard as I can to make Zira amazing.



Just as important as all that stuff, I'm an avid gamer.  RPG and FPS are my favorite genres - I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series (mostly 7-10), the Elder Scrolls series, the Mass Effect series, the classic Zelda series, and all the modern or near-future shooters - the CoD Modern Warfares, Black Ops 2, the Ghost Recons and Rainbow Six games and Battlefield 3.  I also play some RTS, a little survival horror (mostly just the Dead Space games), and occasionally a sports game.  I've historically been mostly a console gamer, but I recently built a new computer so I've started getting into more PC-based gaming.  My biggest game music influences are Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Jack Wall (Mass Effect, Jade Empire, Myst 3 and 4, CoD Black Ops 2), and I like trying to write music that has memorable themes like Nobuo Uematsu, but also have the energy and power of Jack Wall.